On the 1st January 2021 the Brexit transition period ended and the UK left the EU single market. This means that the free movement of goods and services has ended and new rules apply. 

If you order Swim Secure products from a country in the EU, the order will count as an import into the EU. 

Your order will be held at the border and you will be charged import duty at 2.7% and VAT at your local country rate. You may also be charged a clearance fee by the delivery company. You will have to pay all duty, VAT and clearance fees before your order will be released by customs. 

Please be aware that all fees, duty and VAT are the responsibility of the customer. Deliveries may take considerably longer to allow for the customs charges to be calculated and charged. 

We are working with our European distribution partners to come up with a solution where we hold stock within the EU and can dispatch it VAT and duty paid to ensure a quick and efficient service. Until this time we thank you for your patience as we adjust to the new arrangements.