Conditions of Sale

By purchasing from Swim Secure, you enjoy the status of 'Authorised Retailer', which comes with the following conditions:


Authorised and Unauthorised Sales

Authorised Sales
You are authorised to sell the Products to end user consumers in Your physical store(s), Your website, Your business social media accounts and in temporary physical storefronts such as at events, shows, etc. provided that:

  • Language
    (i) You only sell and deliver the Product in the original manufactured label and packaging, printed by Swim Secure; and
  • Unopened
    (ii) except to remove a Product from sale for use as a sample, You must not open the Products or remove them from the original Swim Secure packaging, or sell them in a different package or under a different name.

Unauthorised Sales
Without prior Swim Secure written approval and authorisation, You are not authorised and will not anywhere in the world sell on any type of marketplace website, including but not limited to Amazon®, eBay®, BOL

Product Appearance & Advertising

  • Original Packaging
    You agree to keep products in original Swim Secure packaging for resale.
  • You must not in any way advertise, market, display or demonstrate the Products together with non-Swim Secure goods that may create the impression that the non-Swim Secure goods are made by, endorsed by or associated with Swim Secure.


Product Quality Control

  • Defects
    You must not sell any Product that appears to have a noticeable defect. Instead, You must remove that Product from Your inventory and immediately contact Swim Secure and provide the Product’s name and description of the defect (with images/videos if possible).
  • Complaints
    You must immediately report any customer complaints You receive regarding any safety or quality control issues You become aware of regarding Products to Swim Secure.

Customer Service Requirements

  • Questions
    You must be familiar with the proper use and benefits of all Products and be able to answer consumer questions about the Products. Information to help you with this is in our Retailer Resources Folder.
  • Cooperation
    You must and will cooperate with Swim Secure in the event of any recall, other consumer information dissemination effort, or in any investigation by Swim Secure of a quality issue regarding a customer report about the Product(s).


Order Issues

  • Missing Products
    You must report any products missing from an order to Swim Secure within 48h of delivery (as per parcel tracking).
  • Delivery Errors
    You must report any issues with your order within 48h of delivery (as per parcel tracking) this is including but not limited to, receiving the incorrect size or colour product or receiving products you did not order.

Product Faults
Swim Secure offers replacements on faulty products up to one-year after purchase. As an Authorised Retailer you must honour this by offering a replacement on any faulty products to the consumer within twelve (12) months of purchase. For every exchange of a faulty product Swim Secure will offer a credit to the value of the faulty product, to be used against future orders: product name, description of the fault and images/videos must be provided to claim credit.

Trademarks Use & Brand Policy

  • Use of Trademarks
    You agree and must not use the Swim Secure name, logo or trademarks to set up any businesses or register domain names or social media usernames.
  • Brand Assets
    Swim Secure Brand Assets identify the source or origin of Swim Secure products and include:

- Swim Secure website(s) and pages.

- Swim Secure logo and other logos, symbols, icons, graphics, phrases, taglines, trade dress and Swim Secure products; and other images.

Swim Secure is both a trademark and a brand, but not a product.

The brand is Swim Secure ®. The product is a Tow Float, Dry Bag or accessory.

Contact Details
You must provide the correct and up-to-date business contact details, billing address, shipping address and point of contact information to Swim Secure. Any changes in formation must be notified to Swim Secure within eleven (11) business days. Swim Secure will not be responsible for any errors caused by lack of up-to-date information.

If Swim Secure determines in its sole discretion the Retailer violated these Authorised Retailer Agreement, Swim Secure:

  • Corrective Action
    May require corrective action by the Retailer; or
  • Limit Access
    May limit dealer access to the Products pending receipt in writing of a letter from the dealer that acknowledges the violation and proposes a solution acceptable to Swim Secure; or
  • Revoke Status
    May revoke the Authorised Retailer status and remove the dealer from the selective distribution system.
    If Your status as an Authorised Retailer is revoked and You are removed from the selective distribution system, You agree to immediately stop using any Swim Secure Brand Assets and stop purchasing any of the Products for purposes of resale.