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Swim Secure offer the widest range of open water safety products on the market and we are confident that there is something for everyone’s needs. Which product is best will depend on the intended use.

Use Suggested Products


Visibility while training and racing. Tow Float
    Minimal drag and quick to inflate.
    Visibility and resting on. Tow Float
    Tow Float Pro
      The Pro will be more buoyant given its larger size
      Visibility in heavy seas. Tow Float Pro
        Larger for increased visibility
        Storing small items - car keys, gels, nutrition, phone – and visibility. Tow Donut
          20L Dry Bag
            The donut is accessible from the water.
            Storing a water bottle and visibility. Hydration Float
              Includes accessible pouch for water bottle.
              Swimming in a group. Tow Float Pro
                Has a rope around the edge for other swimmers to use.
                Storing larger items. 20L – 50L Dry Bags
                  The larger dry bags will fit more but are more affected by stronger winds.
                  Storing larger items and transporting them to the swim Wild Swim Bag
                    Has detachable backpack straps for operation on land or in the water.
                    Storing small items e.g. car keys, phone. Bum Bag
                      Triple seal keeps contents dry while swimming.
                      Keeping small items safe at the beach and in other Swim Secure products. Phone Bag
                        Triple seal keeps contents dry. Not recommended for swimming as attaches around neck.
                        Increasing water confidence for less confident swimmers. Tow Woggle
                          Can be towed for visibility or used like a noodle.