The Team



Colin Hill is the founder of the Swim Secure™ brand and has played a key role in designing many of the Swim Secure™ products. Colin is an experienced and passionate open water swimming race organiser. In 2012 Colin was voted Open Water Ambassador of the Year by H2Open Magazine (now Outdoor Swimmer) and in 2017 was inducted into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.

As well as working full time in open water development and event management Colin is a passionate swimmer. He is a successful English Channel Soloist (10 hrs 30 mins), and has competed in swim events around the world. Colin is former World and UK Age Group Champion for 450m Cold Water Swimming, and Colin became the first UK male to officially complete an Ice Mile. 

Interesting Colin Fact: Colin appeared on record breakers with Roy Castle as a teenager, setting the record for the fastest time to do 100 eskimo rolls in a kayak. 



Jon is Operations Director and also looks after our UK retailers and events. He enjoys the variety of working for Swim Secure as well as getting to travel around spreading the safer swimming message. Jon likes meeting our customers and thinks that there isn’t a sports shop or swimming event he hasn’t been to over the last few years.

A swimmer in his youth, these days Jon can more often be found touring warm and remote places on his trusty bicycle.

Interesting Jon Fact: Jon used to work for celebrity chef Simon Rimmer.



Tracey deals with sales and customer service, and loves building relationships with our lovely customers. She enjoys working at Swim Secure because she thinks we’re a relaxed bunch who are always willing to help out. Tracey is the most serious swimmer of us all and can be found enjoying the great outdoors up at Lake 32 near Cirencester. You can actually spot Tracey swimming in some of our promotional photos.

When not helping our customers, Tracey is a keen pub-quizzer and photographer. She loves spending time with her grandson Fred and taking her dog for walks across the Cotswolds, sheep permitting.

Interesting Tracey fact: Tracey once swam the entire distance of the Great Barrier Reef…….in Cheltenham College pool.



Peter deals with our overseas distribution and partnerships. He loves being able to talk to and meet people from all over the World. He finds it great to be involved with a young Company that’s passionate about what it’s trying to achieve regarding water safety for an ever-growing sport.

When he’s not focussing on Tow floats and Dry bags Peter enjoys travelling, playing golf with his two sons and relaxing over a nice glass of Merlot.

 Interesting Peter fact: He once met Ayrton Senna.



Lucy heads up the social media and marketing side of things for Swim Secure. She enjoys the work because she gets to see how open water swimming is enjoyed by so many people around  the world, and finds interacting with such a diverse group of swimmers uplifting.

When not spreading the word on the socials Lucy enjoys cycling, walking, skiing, scuba diving, travelling and socialising. However, this is easier said than done when a lot of time is spent ferrying her two children around to their numerous sports fixtures.

Interesting Lucy Fact: She can complete the After Eight Challenge in ten seconds.



Priscilla is our Warehouse Manager and loves that her job is so active, with no two hours – let alone two days – the same.

She finds the open water swimming community very welcoming, although being from Ecuador originally she is constantly bemused as to how people can enjoy swimming in the cold British water.

Interesting Priscilla Fact: The word “Priscilled” has passed into office vocabulary meaning something that was once a mess but has been tidied beyond all recognition.



Adam does all our picking and packing in the warehouse, so if you’ve ordered from us the chances are that Adam has dispatched your goodies. When not sending Swim Secure products across the globe he enjoys watching football and hanging out with his mates.

Somehow Adam has a high tolerance to the cold and can be found in the chilly warehouse in the dead of winter in a t-shirt. Despite this temperature resistance we have yet to persuade Adam to swim an ice mile.

Interesting Adam fact: Adam is a big Spurs fan.